Matriarch Muse Jenny Sung

Jenny Sung is one of my dearest friends and inspirations. Our kids are the same age and we met 4 years ago when Jenny graciously gifted me my favorite piece of jewelry, a dainty gold necklace with a letter H for Harrison hanging from it. When I gave her my address she realized we lived blocks from each other, and thus our friendship began! She is such an inspiration to me, and we are constantly leaning on each other as we learn how to balance motherhood and businesses. I asked her a few questions below, as she is an LA native and surely one of my LA Muses! 

Tell us who you are and why LA is so special to you.

My name is Jenny and I am the designer and founder of Gjenmi jewelry.  Being a Los Angeles native is somewhat rare, so I’m so lucky to call it my home. Los Angeles is so special because there are so many small pockets of amazing communities inside of LA. There is a new adventure just a couple miles away from you. 

Where is your favorite date spot in LA?

We love a good sushi spot. When my husband and I get an evening away from our kids, we go to Sushi Kimagure in Pasadena. No frills, just amazing sushi. 

Perfect place to take your kids on a Sunday afternoon in LA?
Any close park is usually great but we like to go to York park in Highland Park and then just walk over to Town Pizza for a nice early dinner. 

What about LA makes you stay?
Los Angeles is home. The laid back vibe yet busy bustle of the city is the perfect balance for me. 

How has the city helped you transform into the successful woman you are today/ influenced your brand and designs?

Los Angeles’ economy is booming and the economic growth that our county has alone is leading our nation. I do believe that you attract and surround yourself with people who inspire you and make you a better person so naturally most of my closest friends are all business owners and entrepreneurs. Both my parents and my husband’s parents own their own businesses (that also help job growth and domestic production in Los Angeles) so following their lead was something that came naturally to me. 

If you could choose a certain flower or plant that’s scent or image reminds you of LA what would it be and why?

Probably a cornstalk dracaena tree. My mom always had this in our homes while growing up and still does. 

What’s your secret staycation getaway spot in LA?
We don’t believe in staycations in Los Angeles but we do love a trip to Ojai to stay at the Ojai Valley Inn for a night away. 

To see more of Jenny's beautiful work visit her at @gjenmi