For Love & Lemons :Mommy on the Go

I caught up with For Love & Lemons for their Mommy on the Go Series, and shared my interview here as well! 

"Before launching Lil’ Lemons, we started a series on the For Love & Lemons blog called “Mommy On the Go,” where we celebrated inspirational women that seemed to be ruling the world with their tiny companion(s) by their side. They juggled successful careers and budding families and looked darn good doing it! So after releasing Lil’ Lemons and starting Lil’ Lemons Story Time, we caught up with one of our favorite mamas from the past series – Kelsey Harper parker, the artistic mastermind behind the rapidly growing Flower Girl LA. We first interviewed Kelsey after she had her first son, Harrison, and she gave us a little insight into her life as a new mom as well as some pro tips on how to make a perfect floral arrangement for Mothers’ Day.

A few years later, Kelsey has a new addition to her family, her youngest son Phoenix, and is taking her business to new levels with on-boarding new team members and expanding her online business to a brick and mortar retail store! Read on to see how this gorgeous mama of two stays inspired and balances her hectic schedule!"



Introduce yourself and your little ones!

Hi! I’m Kelsey Harper Parker, founder of Flower Girl Los Angeles- a boutique online floral shop. My boys are Harrison (3) and Phoenix (1). 

Last time we interviewed you, you only had Harrison. How has Harrison adapted to having a little brother?

Harrison and his brother definitely have a love/hate relationship. They fight over things most siblings do like toys and mommy time, but I always catch them loving each other when they think I’m not watching. Phoenix will sneak Harrison a kiss, or Harrison will put his hand out in the backseat for Phoenix to hold while we’re in traffic. Harrison has learned to be more independent and has taken to the role of big brother well. 


We heard about the potential to open up your very own Matriarch! When can we expect your dreamy arrangements to be shoppable in person? 

While the location is still secret, you can expect to visit us in store mid-September. Our shop will be in West Hollywood on the Sunset Strip, which is such a great central location for us as a lot of our hotel and home clients are in Hollywood or Beverly Hills. So excited to share more news soon! 

 We imagine you’re so busy running Flower Girl LA and raising a family! How do you manage your time? Do you have any advice for other entrepreneurial moms?

My job keeps me busy, but I incorporate my kids into my work life by working from my home studio and have hired a few employees to help keep things running smoothly. I wouldn’t be able to balance both without my team of dedicated assistants, my studio manager and my delivery drivers. My mom helps with the kids when my husband and I are both working which is also so helpful. My advice, especially of recent, is to figure out how valuable your time is and allocate out jobs as it is appropriate. I was spending a lot of time doing menial work be cause I was afraid of giving any control of my business away, but having 2 kids has made me realize that there are (dare I say) more qualified people to do certain jobs within my company than me, and having time to be the mother I want to be is invaluable. As my kids grow I certainly plan to be more hands on, but these moments of my babies being little are fleeting and I don’t want to miss anything! I still make 99% of the arrangements and orders that are sent out by Matriarch. 


 How has your family dynamic evolved since having your second child?

The biggest change is that my husband and I have to plan our work and travel schedules way ahead of time to make sure one of us is available to be with them mostly all of the time. We have definitely become busier and since we are a modern blended family there are a lot of grandparents and family we are aways trying to make time to see. The dynamic between my husband and I after having our own baby has definitely changed and we struggle, as I feel most parents do, with discipline and finding balance/choosing our battles with each other and the kids. I always feel mom guilt while I am working, so I tend to overcompensate by spoiling my children when I am with them. It’s all about finding a happy medium and approaching situations as a united front.

Did you feel more relaxed and confident throughout your second pregnancy knowing that you had done it all before?

Yes! I rarely knew what week I was in, whereas with Harrison I knew to the day how far along I was. Fashion wise I felt great because I knew what looked best and held on to a lot of my favorite jeans and dresses.  

What’s one thing you didn’t expect that comes with being a mother of two?

How difficult it is to get in and out of the car with two kids in carseats and how much you need to bring when you travel. We got a mini van to solve both of those problems. 


How do you unwind?

Travel, a good mani/pedi, arranging flowers for my house without any pressure on how they turn out, a good froze, cooking, organizing, cleaning house, watching Ray Donovan, online shopping, swimming. 

What’s your favorite way to spend a day with your family?

I love it when we are home together just existing. We do a lot of gardening, backyard lounging, BBQ-ing, jacuzzi-ing and there is always music on. We love having friends over or occasionally head over to The Chateau Marmont for a staycation and swimming. 


What is the biggest similarity you see between the two boys? The biggest difference?

I don’t see may similarities in my boys actually, they are both so different in so many ways! The biggest difference is their overall demeanor. Harrison was a much easier baby and Phoenix is definitely more difficult, though I love them both the same!