Kelsey's (kid friendly) Guide to Austin!

After having my Dad moving to Austin earlier this year, I'd been dying to visit, explore and immerse myself in the country lifestyle. We decided the 4th of July, floating in a boat on Lake Travis was where we would start. We were excited to relax, but also get to know a city where I had been only once before, to see my family's new property, but most importantly, to get some new (old) thrifted treasures to bring home. We were traveling with my best friend and her boyfriend, and my dad and his wife have a 4 year old not much younger than Harrison, so everything we did had to be large group and kid friendly. My dad lives at a small airport with a landing strip in the backyard and plane hanger instead of a garage so the planes taking off and landing were amazing entertainment for the kids.  Since we did a fair amount in 6 short days, I decided a list would be easiest to save for ya'll (<- yes thats the Texas still coming out). 

Thrifting: Good Will (I got the most from Goodwill, including 2 pairs of Levis that I cutoff to make shorts), Feathers Boutique, Moss, Prototype, By George, Stag, Charm School Vintage, Laced with Romance, The Special, Flashback & Passport.

For Western Gear: Allen's (amazing boots, mid range to pricey but worth it!!!!! They also taught me that if you can't get a boot on your foot because of instep, slide it on with a plastic bag), Cavender's (we got the kids hats here and some cute toy guys) & Rodeo Western Wear. 

To See/Do: VFW Rodeo and fireworks in Wimberley (buggy, muggy, hot as hell & oh so fun), Hamilton Pools, Barton Springs (freezing water but refreshing in super humid heat), Rent a boat from the marina and cruise around Lake Travis (the water is seriously 85 degrees), White Russians bowling & arcade at High 5 (they have amazing TOTS!) 

To Eat: Rudy's BBQ (I bought the rub and sauce to bring home.. they have a playground outside and the moist brisket and baby back ribs are INSANE), LA BBQ. We did a lot of cooking, so we didn't eat out much. 

To party: Poody's, Lambert's, Midnight Cowboy & Hotel San Jose. <- didn't make it to any of these with the kids, mostly drank at home and swam in my dads pool but I have been to Hotel San Jose before and it was beautiful and the froze was amazing. I also fell in love with Lone Star Beer while on the trip (I'm usually a Stella girl) IT WAS SO GOOOOOOOD. 

Here are a few photos from the trip!