A Custom Dining Table

Our home, as many of you likely experience, has gone through a bit of wear and tear over the last few years. Between sharpie, crayon, baby food, fingerprints, muddy paws and MORE the walls were in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint and the design was feeling like it needed a bit of updating as well. I have been looking for a new dining table for months, which has been extremely challenging to find. I envisioned a marble top with a wood base and I found THE PERFECT table at West Elm, the Penelope, which was sold out and would not be restocked, of course. It was the perfect shape, I loved how light the marble was and I thought the wood was a great balance of modern yet sophisticated. 


After searching and realizing I was not going to be able to buy the table of my dreams, I began my search for the next best. This was my inspiration. I looked online EVERYWHERE, went to HD Buttercup, West Elm, CB2, Overstock, Wayfair and more and finally decided I was going to have to make the table myself. Below is my inspiration board for what I was dreaming of. 


I did some research and finally ended up at Stoneland USA to look for the marble (they have amazing Yelp reviews). They had some gorgeous options and the customer service was amazing. Since most of the slabs were extremely large, they ended up being WAY outside of our budget, coming in at around $2,000- $2,500 for just the slab which didn't include it being cut to the size we needed or finished.  Here were a few that I really loved, despite being too expensive. 

The guy who helped us referred us to someone else who had smaller remnants and was looking to "get rid" of some inventory. It sounded like it could go either way, but it was just down the street in Sunland so we decided to head over to meet him. We immediately liked him when we arrived, and though the shop was a complete mess, I found a slab way in the back that was really gorgeous. It was the prefect creamy white and it had subtle hints of blush running through it. The sticker price on the slab was $2,200 but he was willing to give it to us for $500. The cost to cut it into the shape we wanted was an additional $450 and the plywood shape he would mount to the bottom of the table so what we could attach a base was $80. We got his email, and put down all that we had discussed in person, into writing, so that there would be no cost surprises when we went to pick it up. You can see the slab had a few minor blemishes in the top left corner and a small one at the bottom but that didn't really matter in our case since the slab was way larger than that we needed. We also negotiated that he salvage any of the rest of the slab so we could use the other piece for something else and that he would clean up the edges as well so that it would actually look nice (no jagged edges!) Now we had to decide on the base...

I returned after the cutout was complete to check out the slab and figure out placement. I feel like the natural motion of the pattern on the slab was horizontal and it would definitely make the table look larger if it was cut in that way. Our dimensions for the table was 64" long by 44" wide, which is just slightly wider than usual. We have the space and I wanted to make sure I would be able to serve family style dinners and still have enough space for 6 comfortably. We also decided on a small round edge, which would be very simple and modern and would go well with the look we wanted. I also find if there is a slope at the edge of a table, things are likely to fall. He pulled the slab out again for me, and we decided the bottom right corner would be best because it was the lightest part and also because it would then leave us with a nice 36-38" rectangle on the left side that I could use as a desk, or as another table even. By cutting off the top few inches it would still be about 60" tall which is a great size. 

Now lets talk about base options, because I am still debating on what kind of material to use. I love love love a wood base, and I actually already have one that I truly love. I got it from Pier 1 ( I know, don't judge!!) that was $129. My concern is that the table will be un-sturdy because of the weight of the marble. I would hate to have someone lean on the table and have it tip and break, and also for safety reasons with young wild boys and a puppy, I just want to make sure its safe and sound. I've been searching for a place that sells steel bases in matte black or gold/brass- I think it would be a nice touch and would make me feel better in the safety department to have 4 legs with two on each end. Another option would be to get another one of the wood bases that I already have to use underneath, thought I feel like it would get too crowded under the table if we went in that direction. On the right is the existing base, and on the left a few other options in the steel style from Pinterest. 

dining legs.jpg

While we are in the final stages of designing and assembling the table, I would love to know your thoughts on base options, safety or any other questions that you might have in the comments below!