Neutral Nail Colors, Forever

I am a mani/pedi obsessed woman. I usually make the time once/week because working with flowers literally destroys my nails. I am the kind of person that feels like my hands look dirty if they're not manicured and I usually only use gel polish for my hands. I compiled a list of my favorite nude-y neutrals that I'm loving this summer! It's a plus when they match my arrangements too. From top to bottom : 

1. Dulce De Leche

2. Samoan Sand ( My wedding Mani/Pedi Color) 

3. Bubble Bath

4. Be There in a Prosecco

5. Funny Bunny (I like just 1 coat so it's still a bit sheer)

6. Bare With Me (Current fave on tan hands and feet)

7. Mademoiselle

Photos from OPI & ESSIE